The People
Mary de Guzman is a twenty-something year old girl who loves to eat. She is not a professional critic, but she does love to blog about her food adventures. Luckily for her, she has Marcus, who treats her everywhere and fuels her food blogging hobby. You can find her twitter here, and e-mail her at mary.h.deguzman at gmail.com

The Site
Established on September 2011, Taste's Intentions is just another food blog. It chronicles food adventures throughout the Philippines (mainly focused in Manila, because that's where the owners are from).

The Rating Scheme
Starting January 2012, the site has adopted a rating scheme (thank you, Sumi) in order to better review restaurants. Out of 5, restaurants are recorded according to the taste of their food, their restaurant's ambiance, the service, and the price. The overall value is the average of all these categories.

As a note, here are what the ratings mean: (1) Poor (2) Could Be Better (3) Average (4) Pretty Good! (5) Must Try!

Interested in writing for the site?
We are looking for regular posters AND guest bloggers. As long as you can write posts about food, own a camera that can take clear shots, then you would be a good fit.

There are many benefits to writing for a food blog. One is that you will have the opportunity to be invited to exclusive foodie events. Bloggers have the chance to experience products firsthand... even before they're out in the market! Finally, you will also be able to meet a whole lot of individuals. It's a good experience altogether.

If interested, please send an e-mail to mary.h.deguzman at gmail.com! :)