Friday, February 1, 2013

Yakimix ATC!

Yakimix has opened up a branch in Alabang Town Center! They have only been operating for about two months or so and there still appears to be some things that need improvement, but I'm happy that we have it here now. Some time ago I posted about Greenbelt Makati's Yakimix, and I'm glad to say that we more or less went home with the same kind of satisfaction.

We arrived in ATC after work, which was at around 9PM. We went to check if they were still accepting diners, and we found out that their last call is at 9:30PM. Basically, we horded what we thought we could eat before their last call!

Of course, I had to get a plate of rolls. That is always the first thing I go for. It might have been because we arrived near closing hours, but I noticed that they weren't paying much attention to what needed to be restocked. For example, there weren't any small dishes for soy sauce. On the bright side, you only need to call someone from the wait staff and they will get you what you need immediately.

As you can see, the design of the branch is the same to every other Yakimix branch out there. I like the design, it's classy and clean looking.


The food... before being cooked! Remember, get two plates -- one for raw food, another one for where the cooked food will go. It's not healthy to let cooked and uncooked food mix, a concern that a number of people tend to overlook. The chances of going home with an upset stomach are otherwise larger. I mentioned this in my other Yakimix post too, haha! 

This is all for two people... yeah, it was one of those nights where we wanted to pig out.

The food after it was cooked.

In contrast to other branches I've been to, their dips (which can be found on the buffet table) have no signs next to them. To be fair, I'm not very informed as to what dip would be okay -- but it would probably be helpful.

And last, but not the least... dessert.

Plates and bowls have to be restocked faster. There was also a lot of food on the floor around the table that we ate (neat freak here). However, there were a lot of dishes to choose from and it's always fun to experiment. The wait staff were also very helpful and accommodating. It was a good experience all in all.

Prices are at P499 per head on weekdays, and P599 per head on weekends. Unfortunately, I was not able to note down their contact number for those looking to get a reservation.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 4/5
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  1. I wasn't happy with Yakimix when I visited them last month. :(

    1. Which one did you go to? Truthfully, I think SamboKojin is a better choice :)

    2. The one in Podium. I'm not going back anytime soon.

  2. I just ate at Yakimix SM North last week, and although service was a little slow, the food choices improved. Plus, they also have free unlimited drinks promo! Not sure if it's only in SM North, but I'm liking the changes :) I still love Sambokojin's meats, but Yakimix (esp. their SM North branch) is closing in ;)

  3. I havn't eaten at yakimx since it first opened in hobbies of asia. That was ages ago. =( I hope to revisit it again because I can't recall the experience anymore. @_@

  4. We also experienced the said scenario a while ago! We arrived at Yakimix ATC around 2pm and we got our reservation around 2:30 pm. We are expecting a lot of time to eat well on the said restaurant without knowing that yakimix will be closed at 3pm. They don't even informed us about the lunch schedule!! And then, while eating, some of the crews and staffs used to slept around our table!! And when I asked one of their staff that they must inform other costumer, she always answered me "yes ma'am" without takingany action!! And yet! They turned off the light knowing that we're not yet done eating! I hate their service! I'll never be back to this "Yuck" Yakimix ATC! Shame on you!

  5. Food was tasteless service and info is horrible (I wont recommend eating in yakimix) =(