Monday, January 21, 2013

Metro Alabang's Food Court

Metro Supermarket is a fairly new establishment located in Alabang Town Center. As with most supermarkets, they also have a food court. What I found interesting about their food court is that it's not the usual stalls you find in most courts here. They have Sbarro, Buffalo's Wings N' Things, Serenitea, etc. The place itself is clean and the tables seem to get cleared out quickly. Nice place!

Buffalo's Wings n' Things is a place known for their buffalo chicken. I was able to visit their BF branch some time ago, and posted about it here. Recently, we wanted to go back... to our disappointment, their BF branch had closed. So, when I saw that they were opening a stall in Metro, I was excited.

Last time we ate here, we ordered the more spicy versions of their chicken. This time, we went for the milder sauces. We tried out the New York's Finest and the Garlic Parmesan. New York's Finest is the second on the 'spicy scale'. It wasn't really that spicy. On the other hand, the Garlic Parmesan chicken was nothing spectacular, but it was good as well.

You can get an order of Dirty Chicken Fingers for P144. This doesn't come with rice and has about 6-7 pieces of chicken tenders.

I also decided to get a large order of Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls from Serenitea, which costs P105. This is their second stall in Alabang Town Center. The first one is located near the cinemas and always has a long line. In contrast, Metro's stall didn't have a line... not sure if it's because it's still new and not many know about it, or because there are simply more people near the cinemas. Anyway, Serenitea has a slower service time than other milk tea places, but because this one is located in the food court, you have the luxury of having many chairs around -- unlike in the cinema area.

My friend ordered the Meat Lasagna from Sbarro, at P198. It came topped with a creamy sauce. The order was a lot bigger than we expected... he ended up not finishing it and asked for the rest to be put in a doggy bag. I tried it out and I thought that the sauce was rather bland.

Good and clean place. Most of the stalls are reasonably priced. What's nice about it at the moment is that there are not a lot of people dining here, so there are many clean tables and chairs often available. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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