Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Omakase, My All-time Favorite

A must-try restaurant. :)
Hey, guys! First of all, I want to wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas! Curiously, what did you guys have for your Noche Buena? :) Also, aside from Season's Greeting, I want to remind you all that our giveaway is still ongoing! It would be great if you guys could join and spread the word, because we don't want any freebies going to waste! Now... on to the post!

I am an avid fan of Japanese cuisine... simply put, it's my favorite cuisine. I'm lucky that my boyfriend has the same tastes as me (and aside from that, loves food just as much as me!). I admit that I'm also kind of difficult when it comes to eating out because I prefer not going to the same place more than once, unless it's one of my favorites. Aaand, lo and behold, one of my "favorites" is Omakase. When my boyfriend suggests this place, my answer is immediate agreement. You'll have no trouble getting me to eat here days in a row.

Rock n' Roll - P170
I absolutely their  makimono. We usually order Dynamite Roll, but I asked if we could try out the Rock n' Roll for a change as well. I was surprised when I liked it more than the Dynamite Roll, but it might have also been because it was something new -- I'm not really sure. I don't know how to describe Rock n' Roll, but as a note, it's a spicy type of makimono.

Dynamite Roll - P230
And this is the Dynamite Roll... This is what we always order! :) It's spicy, and you can choose between tuna or salmon. It's my boyfriend's favorite, and I think it's one of Omakase's best sellers.

Love the sauce!
Omakase's sauce is what, in my opinion, makes me adore this place. Every time we eat in a Japanese restaurant, I always hope they have this sauce as well aside from the usual soy sauce. Honestly, I'm not sure what this is... I asked before, but that was a long time before I started this blog, and I've already forgotten the answer. Anyway, it's a sweet type of sauce, which you might think would go weird with sushi. But it works.

Beef Bento Box
On the other hand, my boyfriend ordered the beef bento box. As you can see, their bento boxes are pretty complete... not shown in the picture is the miso soup that came with it. While their makimono is what I always come for, I've tried their bento boxes as well in the past, and I can say that their bento boxes are pretty fulfilling. 

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